About Me

My name’s Benoit Bail, I’m from Luxembourg, a very small country in the middle of Europe, but I currently live in Berlin (Germany) and travel around the Globe to discover the amazing world of rum.

Me at the "La Favorite" Distillery in Martinique
© Jimmy Damase

My first contact with a distillery goes back to 2008, in Cap Vert (Africa), on the island of Santo Antão.

I became a rum enthusiast since and travelled to the French West Indies several times after this to explore and learn more about it, until I founded my own fruit flavored rum brand in Luxembourg, in 2013.

Zwazo - Liqueurs des îles
© William Boulay

Next to this, I also founded the facebook group “La Confrérie du Rhum” in 2013, which became the biggest rum forum on the internet a couple of years later.

Logo - La Confrérie du Rhum
© William Boulay – ® Benoit Bail

My rums quickly sold out of Luxembourg and became famous in France and Belgium and I continued to learn about my passion by reading and meeting important people of the industry.

Today, I’m still administrator of the “La Confrérie du Rhum”, but I also take part as a jury member at a lot of rum competitions all around the world, I host conferences, meetings and tastings on international level, represent brands as an ambassador and make people discover the infinite faces of the rum world.